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        The Best Kia Technologies That Every Car Buyer Should Know

        Kia Motors is one carmaker that never fails wow the automobile industry. With their innovative, driver-friendly technologies, every lineup has something new in store. Whether it’s with comfort, safety, or infotainment, Kia has always enjoyed the reputation of being the torchbearer of the automotive technology revolution. 

        Let’s throw some light on these Kia technologies.


        Your vehicle’s engine is the core of its performance. Kia has hopped on the bandwagon of eco-friendly technologies in its hybrid and electric vehicles without skimping on fuel efficiency. 

        Kia vehicles now come with a unique Idle, Stop & Go technology. This feature turns itself off when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. The vehicle will restart seamlessly when you let go the brake pedal. Not only does this reduce those harmful emissions, but it will also save your Kia’s engine to less wear and tear.


        Kia knows that speed thrills, likewise the dangers involved. That’s why Kia has created one of the best safety features that present-day car buyers have ever seen. It comes with features such as a sophisticated airbag system that monitors the severity of an impact. A seat-belt system to control the inflation of the airbags. You will always receive the sturdiest of protection if (God forbids) accidents ever happen. Everything works together to give you a confident driving experience. 

        Infotainment System

        Kia creates “The Connected Car” experience with its advanced infotainment system. Nissan offers UVO eService or UVO eService with Nav. We explore every availability choice below.

        On all UVO eServices Models:

        - Voice-Command

        - Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

        - Jukebox

        - Rear-View Camera

         UVO eService System, Base models:

        • MYUVO Access–Register your Kia to get to vehicle data from your computer or cell phone. 
        • Parking Minder–Saves your parking spot, and GPS will guide you back to it later. Perfect for events with large crowds!
        • Enhanced Roadside Assistance– Available 24/7.
        • Vehicle Diagnostics–You can diagnose your Kia's mechanical issue and either call for roadside help or even schedule a service

         UVO eService System with Navigation:

        • Navigation–Voice-command quickly programs your trip.
        • Song Tagging–Tag and save the artist and song title of a song playing on the radio.
        • MY POIS–Save points of interest on Google Maps™.
        • Touch Screen with Touch Scrolling–New system and scrolling feature that offers simpler access to apps. 
        • SiriusXM Travel Link®–Muisc, stock prices, fuel costs, sports, and more! 

        With Kia offering tools that integrate your cellphone into your Kia can offer comfort while driving. Keeps you fully connected to the outside world without lifting a finger. 

        Besides these technologies, Kia Motors gained fame owing to its outstanding customer services. They are committed to addressing your queries and prompt solutions. Whenever you face an issue with your Kia, they are available to help. Visit us at Autoserv Kia in Tilton, NH for first-hand information on the Kia technologies. Our sales team is available and ready for you! See you soon! 

Source: Kia